Red Bull X-Alps

"The last miles will be the hardest"

Christian Maurer (SUI1) is just 13km from the final turnpoint at Peille, but he can hardly walk and needs to rest before he can go on. 'The last miles will be the hardest,' he says.

© zooom / Harald Tauderer

Despite reaching the coast and landing at the Italian town of Latte, Chrigel still faces a long walk to the final turnpoint and his fifth Red Bull X-Alps victory. While the straight line distance is 13km, the road is long and winding and he will have to cover a much bigger distance.

Over the course of this year’s race, Chrigel has covered 2,243.1km, 506 of them on foot. He has hiked for 91.3 hours, at an average pace of 5.6km/h.

Photo by © zooom / Harald Tauderer