Red Bull X-Alps

The Battle For Fourth

Two athletes are still giving it all they have!

©zooom / Honza Zak
 ©zooom / Vitek Ludvik

‘There is an epic race going on for fourth place,’ reports race photographer Honza Zak. ‘Ferdinand van Schelven and Simon Oberrauner are running, and I mean RUNNING!’

Oberrauner is in fifth place, Ferdy is in fourth. Just 2km separates them. The speeds are fast: 10-12km/h on the tarmac. Both are pounding along the road heading for the Col de Tende, where Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) spent the night.

There is a sting in the tail coming up however - there is a tunnel ahead which the athletes are not allowed to run through. Instead they must head up into the hills and race for the Col de Tende.

zooom / Honza Zak

©zooom / Vitek Ludvik