Red Bull X-Alps

Relive the race through 3D Doarama

Relive some of the race highlights from the leaders and the chasing pack from Day 10 in 3D Doarama

Choose between the top three athletes - Chrigel Maurer (SUI1), Benoit Outters (FRA4) and Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) - or some of the chasing pack, including Simon Oberrauner (AUT4), Pascal Purin (AUT3), Ferdinand van Schelven (NLD) and Stanislav Mayer (CZE).

Control their flights minute-by-minute, examine it from every angle, and compare and contrast between each athletes different day.


Once the visualization is running, you can pick the athlete to follow by using the 'people/focus icon' in the top right corner. Control the speed of the replay using the 'tortoise/slower' and 'hare/faster' icons in the bottom left. Finally, click the 'full screen' icon in the bottom right hand corner and sit back with a box of popcorn.