Red Bull X-Alps

Red Bull X-Alps athletes on epic traverse of Alaskan wilderness

Follow Gavin McClurg and Dave Turner as they attempt an epic hike and fly traverse of the Alaska Range.

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It’s a vast no man’s land populated by grizzly bears, moose, wolves and mosquitos.

Only those with solid bushcraft skills venture deep into the Alaskan wilderness and Red Bull X-Alps athletes Gavin McClurg and Dave Turner are two such men.

After weeks of preparation and reconnaissance flights with fellow Red Bull X-Alps athlete Paul Guschlbauer in his new Supercub bush plane, they’re just begun the 800km traverse.

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Recently, Guschlbauer took McClurg and Turner on a six-hour flight in the Supercub to scout the line they will follow. 

“Dave got his first good look at the grandness of this place,” McClurg says. “Good news is we both think it goes. Bad news is ... holy shit!”

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They’ve stashed food caches 100km apart along the intended route. There’s enough food for four weeks, but the traverse might take eight. 

“Dave has a gun and a fishing rod and I will have smelly feet so we should be able to survive!” McClurg says. 

Follow their adventure on McClurg’s Delorme map-tracking page or on one of the tabs on his Facebook page.