Red Bull X-Alps

Race Director: Conditions have been so difficult

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"It's WOW," says Race Director Christoph Weber.

Mazda Rookie Prize winner Sebastian Huber is the real star of the Red Bull X-Alps this year, says Weber. "He's so young, and yet he flies so well. He was always a runner, so we know that part is strong. I daren't even think what he will be capable of in two years."

He adds: "What has really surprised me from talking to the athletes who have already arrived here, is how difficult the conditions were with the wind. I'm really sorry for Tomo Coconea and Tom de Dolordot. And I'm really happy for the pilots who made it to Peille."

Women are competing in the race for the first time in ten years. "Yvonne Dathe proved on the first day that she's as strong as the men in the air, although on the ground she is a bit weaker." Dawn Westrum?

"Again, WOW. She's proved that she can hike hard, she's making intelligent decisions in the air. It's a shame that she'll probably be eliminated tomorrow, but she has proved that women are really strong in this race."

A final question: how many will land on the raft in Monaco this year? "Maybe 20," says Christoph. "With this good high-pressure weather, 100km flights will still be possible tomorrow."