Red Bull X-Alps

Meet the Red Bull X-Alps Photographers

The athletes aren’t the only ones getting ready for the Red Bull X-Alps. We have a team of photographers getting ready as well, and let's just say that they've got their work cut out for them...

© zooom / Kelvin Trautman
 © zooom / Vitek Ludvik
 © zooom / Felix Wölk
 © zooom / Kelvin Trautman
 © zooom / Felix Wölk
 © zooom / Sebastian Marko
 © zooom / Harald Tauderer

It’s dubbed the world’s toughest adventure race but for photographers and videographers capturing the highs and lows of the race, it’s also arguably the world’s toughest assignment. 

No one demonstrated that more clearly than Kelvin Trautmann, who during the 2015 race climbed 22,000m, taking 23,000 photos. That’s almost three times up Mt Everest. 

Naturally the gear photographers take is vital. This year SanDisk will once again be officially supporting the Red Bull X-Alps. SD cards are the unsung heroes in a photographer’s bag – it doesn’t matter how amazing your f2.8 lens is if you can’t record the data – quickly. 

Perhaps no one is more familiar with SanDisk’s reliability (and durability) than Felix Wölk. While shooting the Red Bull X-Alps a few years ago he managed to drop an SD card while in the air, seemingly lost forever to the depths of the Dolomite ravines.   

“We saw it falling down for hundreds of metres, then it disappeared. It had some of the best shots that I've done in the Dolomites,” he recalls. “We’d been above deep forest but there was just one single place without trees and we thought it must have fallen there, so we landed and half an hour later we found it. A miracle!” 
The shots on the SD card have since become some of the most widely published photos in Red Bull X-Alps history. 

Wölk adds: “As a sports outdoor photographer specialized in freeflight photography I’ve been using SanDisk cards throughout my whole career. I’ve never had any problem, even when shooting in extreme situations with low temperatures. What’s very important in freeflight photography is to be able to shoot bursts. To get the best shot you don't have a lot of time. It's just a short moment, like an acro manoeuvre, which is over very fast. I also use SanDisk cards as a back up at home too.”

For Wölk and the other photographers, the Red Bull X-Alps is the unmissable action sports assignment of the year. Capture the highs and lows of the epic race day after day is professionally both challenging and rewarding. And the results are always spectacular – we can’t wait to share their work. 

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