Red Bull X-Alps

McClurg: We're having fun, even when it sucks

© Ludvik

Gavin McClurg flew a blinder today, climbing from 18th place to 7th. "We had a great start to the race, then a rough few days," he says, buzzing with energy. "We kept trying these moves. In St Moritz yesterday I had 3700m off launch and tried a deep dive to the Nufenen Pass, kinda like Sweden did, but I hit just pea soup in Chiavenna.

It went from amazing to just nothing. My feet were annihilated from a monster hike we did with Aaron (ITA) a few days back so yesterday my supporter Bruce just called it: "rest a bunch, sleep."

"Today we went way high to get above the inversion. I've flown a few big triangles in the Bellinzona region, flown into some deep spots, so I know the area."

The mood in team USA2? "Everybody's psyched. These guys, my team, are amazing. We haven't had a single argument, and wherever I land they're right there. We're having fun, even when it sucks."