Red Bull X-Alps

Hike and fly world record attempt

Red Bull X-Alps athlete Pascal Purin is attempting to break a hike and fly world record this Saturday.

© Pascal Purin
 Pascal climbs

Austrian pilot and adventurer Pascal Purin is going to have very tired legs on Sunday. On Saturday, he’s attempting a new hike and fly record that is based on the most vertical meters gained in 24 hours by hiking up a mountain, paragliding back down, and repeating. 

He will climb from Neustift im Stubaital, a small village in Austria, to Elferhütte (a mountain hut), and aims to achieve 9000 m in 24 hours. The current hike and fly world record is 8861m, and is held by Pascal’s trainer Florian Evanbeckler who will be his supporter this Saturday.

“Two years ago when Florian got the record, I was his supporter,” Pascal says. “I did 7210m in 14 hours, and my training then wasn’t even close to what I’m doing now so I hope to smash it this weekend. But everything has to work. If the wind is bad I will lose a lot of time getting down.”

He only has 17 hours of flight time as flying is restricted to between 04:30 and 21:30. 

Since January, Pascal has been training six times a week and is following a training calendar that runs up until the starting gun of Red Bull X-Alps 2017, which he aims to compete in.

In July, he will fly the route of Red Bull X-Alps 2015, starting in Innsbruck and focusing on exploring the Swiss and French Alps to better understand them.

“The trip will be focused on flying so I will take cable cars when possible. It’s all about flying, flying and flying.”

Go Pascal!