Red Bull X-Alps

Flymaster: making Live Tracking possible

© Tauderer
 © Trautman
 © Tauderer

The gripping second-by-second Live Tracking is thanks to each athlete's Flymaster Live SD instrument. This is a top-of-the range all-in-one variometer that provides a number of advanced functions to help the athletes find thermals, climb, and navigate.

The athlete's position from the integrated GPS is recorded every second. Every 40 seconds, 120 positions are sent over the Red Bull MOBILE network for display on the website. As well as enabling fans to following the race in real-time, this Live Tracking provides critical safety coverage for the athletes and race organization.

In the air, the Flymaster Live SD displays information crucial for the pilot, such as speed of ascent, altitude, and speed, as well as a map showing forbidden areas to avoid.

Logging continues as the athletes hike on the ground, with the backup tracklogs written to the SD card.