Red Bull X-Alps

Dave Turner: My race is over; but I'm carrying on

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The following comes is taken from Dave Turner's Facebook page:

“The race is officially coming to an end in just a few hours, but not for me. It has now become obvious that I will not make the finish line in time but that doesn't mean I have to give up. I was totally on pace to make it to Monaco in time, but with my very unfortunate and unlucky past two days, it just isn't going to happen before noon today. But the adventure still continues for me - I am still headed for the coast anyways.

Even though the clock stops in a few hours, I'm not giving up. I will push on and make it to the sea on my own. No more race rules, media obligations, turn points, excessive road walking, or landing float in Monaco. It's now just me and my vol biv backpack once again, and the ability to go where I want.

It has been a great experience, this whole Red Bull X Alps race. I'm not disappointed at all, perhaps a bit frustrated that I am so close but am not going to make it before the clock stops, but I have still had a phenomenal time doing it. Krischa Berlinger was the best supporter ever, always there with a hot meal, information, and a loaded pack ready to hike with me. Hats off to that guy. But now he is gone, I'm back on my own, and the pressure is off.

I still have a week before my flight back to California, and I'm definitely going to take my time on these last few days to the Mediterranean. During the race I had to pass up so many great swimming spots, cafes, little hiking trials, and so on. Now I intend to stop as I wish and get the full experience again. Some of the best parts of my vol biv trips are getting to meet locals, explore new places, eat local foods, stop in at regional paraglider clubs, and generally take in the entire experience. The race was so hectic that I lost part of this aspect of this adventure, but now the opportunity is open again.

Big thanks to the entire Red Bull X Alps/zooom crew for putting on such a great event, hats off to all of the athletes and supporters who pushed so hard, to all of my friends and family who've been following along, and especially to all of my sponsors who made this happen- Maximal Concepts, vteams, Torrey Pines, Foundation For Free Flight, Ozone, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Flytec, and High Adventure.

Now I'm looking forward to finishing on my own, but more importantly getting home and seeing Tawny again.

So now I have to go, as I'm up on a peak above Briançon and need to get ready to launch. The clouds are really filling in and it doesn't look so great, but who cares now. I know of an awesome little water park just down the road that Tawny and I landed at last year, and they serve good food right on the beach. If I don't go XC then you can find me there, relaxing and taking it all in with a smile.

Never give up.”