Red Bull X-Alps


Adventurers have less than two weeks left to apply for the world’s toughest adventure race!

© Ludvik
 © Tauderer

Adventurers from around the world are applying to compete in Red Bull X-Alps 2017 with more applications expected before they close on August 31, 2016. 

Being selected to compete in the world’s toughest and most prestigious adventure race is an achievement in itself. The race committee selects athletes who have solid mountaineering and trekking experience, endurance fitness, mental strength and proven flying ability.

Anyone considering applying is invited to do so quickly, before applications close. Competing in this race is a dream-come-true for hardcore adventurers. Here’s why. 

1. Smash your limits

Trekking nonstop across the Alps is a sure fire way to test your limits. In the 2015 edition, athletes hiked an average of 500km, and climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest five times. After that, you’ll ask, “What limits?”

2. Realize your independence

There are only two sources of momentum athletes are allowed to use to cross the Alps – their legs, and thermal uplift. This is the ultimate exercise in pure independence. Each and every kilometer is up to you and you alone.  

3. The iconic landscapes

You might have seen the Matterhorn on a postcard, but nothing can compare to flying and hiking past it and the countless other iconic places on the Red Bull X-Alps route. Hiking and flying across the epic European Alps is an unforgettable and highly addictive experience! Just ask race legend Toma Coconea – he’s been in every edition since 2003. 

4. The wild ride 

The distance, terrain and the variables make this race totally unpredictable – anything can happen. One minute you’re sailing ahead, the next you might lose your thermal and land in a steep valley. The tension will have your adrenalin pumping. 

5. Ace the strategy game

It’s arguably more physical than the Tour de France, yet Red Bull X-Alps involves a level of strategic ability comparable to an America’s Cup sailing race. Long range planning skills, excellent understanding of topography, climate and weather-patterns, and tactical responsiveness are necessities.

6. The team dynamic

This is not a solo adventure. Also like a sailing race, each athlete has a tactician working furiously behind the scenes, plotting routes, measuring conditions and giving flight and weather advice and more – the supporter. Discover why they’re unsung heroes of the race here.

7. Experience the culture

The classical charm of Austria, picturesque alpine villages in the Italian Dolomites, Germany’s beer and hearty food, small Swiss alpine valleys with traditional houses, and the warm, south of France with its Mediterranean air and lifestyle – there is no better way to experience European culture. 

8. Feel the camaraderie

Yes, this is a competition, but it’s scope and intensity means the main focus for most athletes is reaching the finish line, beating one another is mostly a second priority. Sometimes they hike, fly and camp in groups, share intelligence on the route ahead, and help one another if there’s a problem. Stronger together!

9. It’s unforgettable 

This is a race you will never forget. Literally, it’s not possible to forget because the event’s media team – leading action and adventure photographers and videographers – follow the athletes, capture the highs and lows and the jaw-dropping scenery – creating a trove of images and videos that last forever.

10. The street cred 

To make it to the finish line you have to be one badass adventurer. With a global audience of millions watching the race, and each athlete’s every move on Live Tracking, you will earn worldwide recognition as a true adventurer. 

Applications can be made via the above applications page until August 31, 2016. The race committee looks forward to receiving your entry.