Chrigel aims for Cheval Blanc

Christian Maurer (SUI1) races during the Red Bull X-Alps above Cluses, France  on June 21, 2019.

After days of storms, showers and low cloud, conditions have finally turned in flying's favour. Christian Maurer (SUI1) has said he hopes to reach Turnpoint 12 Cheval Blanc, just 93km from the Finish in Monaco, by the end of the day, while Maxime Pinot (FRA4) has hopes to go 'big'.

The latest forecast from UBIMET says: 'An upper level low moved to the east and a strong ridge is building up over the western Alps causing sunny and stable conditions. Last cloud patches will dissipate soon and afterwards the sun will shine all day with only thin clouds in the upper levels. The risk of a shower or thunderstrom is nearly zero. Good, partly very good, thermal conditions.' 

Conditions seem to be favouring the front of the field first, though. While 11 of the top 13 athletes are already airborne, only a handful of those further back are. Either way, expect some big distances today.

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