A big 48 hours in the Alps

Benoit Outters (FRA4) now doubts that he can beat Christian Maurer (SUI1) to Monaco. The 27-year-old Rookie has had an extraordinary race and is just 66km behind the race leader. But with only 150km before Chrigel makes goal, time is running out.

FRA4 170710 VL X Alps 133

Benoit pulled a Ledlenser Night Pass yesterday and covered 137.7km, 102.3 of them on foot. And the talented ultrarunner, who lives in the Alps, has made another 95km today, tagging Turnpoint 6, Matterhorn, this morning.

But even Benoit feels the pace eventually. ‘Errr… I’m walking, but I’m very tired. I am looking forward to a good sleep tonight,’ he told us.

‘Chrigel is very far, but I think I can make it to Monaco and I will be very happy with 2nd place. I don’t think I can beat him now.’

But after seeing off 29 other talented pilots, many of them veterans, and already covering 1,770km, 1,234.5 in the air, what’s the secret to his success?

‘I don’t have a secret,’ he said. ‘Just determination.’

Both Benoit and Chrigel still have a Ledlenser Night Pass in hand. Benoit earned a second pass in the Leatherman Prologue.

Photo by © zooom / Vitek Ludvik

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