Red Bull X-Alps
Red Bull X-Alps

© Junming Song

China's first athlete

Junming Song is the first Chinese athlete to enter the Red Bull X-Alps. Just in time for Chinese New Year (Jan 22) we catch up with the athlete to hear about his training, the Chinese hike and fly scene, and how he and his fans are looking forward to coming to the Alps. Click below to read the full interview!

Red Bull X-Alps

© zooom / Harald Tauderer

Toma Coconea looks back

It’s 20 years since the first ever Red Bull X-Alps and incredibly there is one athlete who has competed in every edition – the Romanian running-man Toma Coconea. Now aged 47, the man and legend looks back on ten editions and hints that this may be his last ever race. Click below for more!

Red Bull X-Alps

© Robert Lewis Photography

20th Niesen-Stairway-Run

The longest staircase in the world (11,674 steps) leads up to Red Bull X-Alps 2023 Turnpoint Niesen in the Bernese Oberland. On June 9 and 10, 2023, the legendary Niesen-Stairway-Run takes place there. It's 3,4km long and there's 1,669m of altitude to climb which makes it an intense event but the view is well worth the adventure!

Red Bull X-Alps

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