My experience

We sat down with Ken and talked about his first ever Red Bull X-Alps 2021. He told us about his highlights and stand-out moments and how the race compared to his previous experiences.

What was your highlight of the race?
My highlight is the evening of Day 2 when I tried to fly over the mountains Wilder Kaiser. I did not have much time, because light was about to go so it was my last chance. When I finally got to fly over the mountains I was so excited.

What was the toughest part for you?
It was my first landing on Day 3. I was caught by the turbulence of the lee side of the mountains, my glider collapsed near the landing and I crashed into the ground. Then I retired from the race because my foot was broken.

What was THE stand-out memory for you?
When I was flying before Turnpoint 3 I saw the Brocken spectre. It was the first time and a nice experience.

How was this race in comparison to your other races?
In this race it is difficult to make decisions about hiking and flying. The situation can change so quickly! I have to consider the weather and the terrain, which is very complex. But it is fun!


Inside my race

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