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Volkswagen Amarok

The new Amarok was created to take on any road. That's why it comes with all-wheel drive as standard in Europe and other parts of the world. Five efficient four and six-cylinder turbocharged engines deliver the drive power needed for both professional and private tasks. The new Amarok is offered in five different versions. These are the "Amarok", "Life" and "Style" lines and the premium versions "PanAmericana" (off-road styling) and "Aventura" (exclusive styling).
The new design is charismatic; it brings the Amarok DNA into the modern era. With its extended drive system, more than 30 assistance and operating systems, the toughness of a pickup and the well thought-out cargo box, the latest model from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is a state-of-the-art multitool for professionals. This all makes the new Amarok one of the world's most versatile and well-balanced pick-ups.

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Together for the world’s toughest adventure race: Extreme sport, adventures, and alpinism – these shared passions form the basis of the long-standing partnership between Red Bull X-Alps and Salewa. For the fifth time, the South Tyrolean mountain sports brand is main sponsor of the unique hike & fly competition and has once again developed a special collection for athletes taking part in the event, Salewa is equipping all participants with technical clothing designed to cope with the extreme conditions and challenges of the race across the Alps.

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Bullitt Satellite

When you’re hiking and flying in remote mountainous areas, being able to maintain communications is vital. That’s where the rugged and reliable Cat S75 smartphone comes in. It features integrated two-way satellite messaging, a unique technology that allows users to send and receive SMS text messages, check in with their location and if necessary, call SOS Assistance all via satellite, for those moments when there is no mobile phone signal. It’s a potential game-changer for safety in the mountains, putting satellite technology into a smartphone. The Cat S75 phone is tailor-made for adventures. Cat phones are built to endure. They are drop-proof, waterproof and can operate in temperature ranges of -30ºC to 75ºC for up to 24 hours. They’re also designed to survive up to 30% longer than the average smartphone.

To claim a 20% discount on the Cat S75 (available in the UK and EU) use the discount code XALPS20.

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Your adventure. Your backpack.

What makes the perfect paragliding rucksack? And what makes the perfect climbing, trekking or expedition rucksack? The HIKE, developed in cooperation with the outdoor experts at Salewa, offers the best of all worlds. Each size of the HIKE was individually designed for its intended use. Special features ensure optimum user-friendliness.

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SUNNYBAG is Urban Outdoor Lifestyle, designed in the sunny side of Austria. Our Mission is to promote a conscious and environmentally friendly society by creating stylish, fashionable products that charge all your portable devices with an unlimited source of clean energy - Sunlight.

The new Sunnybag LEAF PRO is the world’s strongest flexible solar panel.
Get 15% discount with the code: XALPS15  

Fusing style, technology and respect for Nature in one Go: SUNNYBAG

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Adventure Menu

Facing extremes of Red Bull X-Alps is highly demanding on both the body and the mind. When you're pushing yourself to the limit, going all out and trying to outperform yourself, it's crucial to have something that not only keeps you on track but also brings calm and comfort in time of need. That's where Adventure Menu comes in. 

No matter, if you're struggling with unforgiving slopes or enduring freezing winds high up in the air. You can rely that you will regain all the energy and reward yourself with tasty meals crafted with regard for the needs and well-being of true adventurers. Made from 100% natural and high-quality ingredients, easy to prepare, and tailored to even the toughest conditions, Adventure Menu offers you the chance to enjoy an adventure dining experience anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances.

Get 15% discount with the code: XALPS15

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