We sat down with Damien and talked about his first ever Red Bull X-Alps 2021. He told us about his highlights and stand-out moments and how the race compared to his previous experiences.

What was your highlight of the race?
The first flight of my first Red Bull X-Alps! Over Gaisberg with all these white wings around me. It was so good to be there. And also to cross Rhône Valley by flight and manage to fly very low in the East Face of Chablais.

What was the toughest part for you?
Crossing on the South Face of Zugspitze with thunderstorms and wind. It was scary to fly from each pass after each hike.

What was THE stand-out memory for you?
I definitely loved the FRA5 team spirit! We were a very good team, and they all did their maximum for me with a smile and good feeling.

How was this race in comparison to other races?
Definitely more difficult, more intense than what I’ve ever done. But the pleasure and satisfaction was huge too.

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Hiking at 2518m – 429.58 km to finish – 10th place