yael margelisch 52


  • dtg-- km
  • height-- m
  • speed-- km/h
  • heart beat-- bpm
  • Nationality: Switzerland
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1991
  • Profession: Paragliding tandem pilot and teacher, ski teacher
  • Supporter: Joël Bruchez
  • Glider: ozone zeolite
  • Sponsors: DECALIA, Phida, TeamTilt, Verbier, Ozone paragliders

When and why did you begin paragliding?I started flying in 2009 and got the licence in 2010 at the age of 19.

Do you paraglide competitively? List rankings and events.Lot of paragliding world cups, 10 podiums - 3rd PWC Suisse 2015 - 3rd PWC Inde 2015 - 2nd PWC Portugal 2016 - 3rd PWC Suisse 2017 - 1st PWC Equateur 2017 - 3rd PWC Brésil 2018 - 2nd PWC Italie 2018 - 2nd PWC Turquie 2018 - 2nd PWC Superfinal Brésil 2018 - 2nd PWC Brésil 2019 2019 Vice World Champion

What is your mountaineering experience?Before paragliding I was mountaineering a lot. I have a few 4000 m peaks (Grand-Combin, Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Allalinhorn, Breithorn, Castor, Pollux, Alphubel, Mount Toubkal...) Now I'm mountaineering only if I can fly down! I also did some trekking in Nepal: The Dhaulagiri tour without assistance. In the lasts years I've been skitouring more.

What is your paragliding experience?In 10 years, I've been travelling a lot to compete and learnt how to fly fast and efficiently in various landscapes. Now I focus more on XC flying, trying to get as many records as I can. I'm the first woman to fly 500 km straight-line and 300 km out and return

What is your adventure racing / endurance sport experience?I've actually never done any trail running competitions, in endurance sports I'm doing it more for fun. I did some hike and fly competitions, the Airtour (lot of struggle with a knee made me give up, now it looks like it's solved) and the Vercofly.

What does your typical training week consist of?A coach is planning my weeks. I usually have 1 strength and fitness training, 1 interval training and 2 trainings in zone 3, hike and flying, ski mountaineering or biking.

What are your best and worst adventure / flying moments?My best flying moments are landing on the Mount Blanc in 2012, and passing the 500 mark in Brazil last year. Both were emotionally super strong moments. Worst moments are when I threw the rescue or saw other pilots' accidents in flight.

What are the sporting moments you are most proud of?Setting records, landing after 552 km with very good friends or 300 km with my boyfriend is something really special. Records can be beaten but the first to put a new milestone will stay forever. I like that feeling.

Have you competed in Red Bull X-Alps before and if so, when?I've been the assistant of Michael Witschi in 2015. It was a good experience, and the deal was to swap roles in the future. So here I am!

What appeals to you about Red Bull X-Alps?It's the ultimate challenge in my pilot's life. I'm bound to mountains and flying and this race brings together what I like most !

What will be your strategy during the race?I think as a woman it's hard to say how far I can go compared to men, especially on the ground. So my strategy will be to get as far as possible, and to spend amazing time with my supporters.

Why do you think you will make it to the finish?I think my experience of flying in the Alps is quite good, so with flyable conditions I can go as far as possible.

What scares you the most about the event?1 week of rain.

Have you ever done anything of this magnitude before?Nope, and I'm not sure there is a similar event.

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