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Live Tracking IFrame

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Red Bull X-Alps offers the chance to customize the iframe which can be embedded on your site. You can choose between a version that initially displays the tracks of the three athletes currently in the lead or a second version, which displays just one athlete track of your choosing. Note that all athletes' tracks can be viewed in Live Tracking.

The holding page will automatically be switched to Live Tracking when the Leatherman Prologue and race start. You do not need to do anything.

Please select which type of iframe you want to use in the dropdown and then copy and paste the generated code.


Default Tracks

Facebook fanpage tab

  • Can be implemented on any Facebook fanpage (admin rights required)
  • Shows: live tracking, including ALL features
  • Updated regularly and automatically
  • Keeps your Facebook users up to date
  • To install, simply click the link below and choose the Fanpage where you want it to appear:


Whether it’s a moody Monday or a full-throttle Friday, this epic playlist will get you pumped for Red Bull X-Alps 2017. Check it out by logging into your Spotify to listen to this energy loaded collection of awesome tunes.


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RBX17-wallpapers-desktop 16-9 4000x2250-V3

Exclusively available for Mobile

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Show your love for Red Bull X-Alps anywhere you go with these wallpapers.

Available in different styles, sizes and tailored to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, these wallpapers will show you are a true adventure race addict! 

Facebook Covers


Show your friends the adventure race you love most with one of our official Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Facebook Covers!

Click on the images to the left to get your favorite.

Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Route

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Red Bull X-Alps 2017 Infographics

Red Bull Xalps Athletes Infographic A4 land Scape RGB ENGL 12GR-01
Red Bull Xalps Infographic A4land Scape-03AA-RGB-ENGLISH-01

We brought together some interesting facts about Red Bull X-Alps and put them in a series of infographics for you.

Did you know that temperatures vary as much as 40C during the race???

Fun to read, easy to share...

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