Red Bull X-Alps

Supporter's stories: NED

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Anton and Ferdy met ten years ago. "We were colleagues, then we became friends, and then we started travelling together." This is their third Red Bull X-Alps, and they have become an efficient team.

The camper van is strewn with gear. "So much driving," Anton smiles, mimicking turning a steering wheel with his hands. "I do the first hike of the day with him, you know carrying water and clothes. It's also a break for me." Anton is also a pilot, but "my wing is quite large. I tried hiking up with it once, but at the top I was totally wasted." Now he hikes down.

The team used their Led Lenser Night Pass last night. "I got about 40 minutes sleep," says Anton. "There was a long section and Ferdy just told me 'get some rest'. The rest was just driving, driving, driving."

"I see it in his face, when he is up and when he is down. When he is up, it's great. You just give him some food and he keeps going. He gets very determined, particularly when hiking through the rain." Anton's hands move up and down, marching with imaginary poles.

"When he's down, you have to be positive. I try to talk about other things, like vacations. Of course, you're also thinking about things, but if you're not positive you take each other down."

"It was really hard for the first three, four days. We were close to the back. Then the good flying conditions came, and Ferdy just lit up."

What's next for the team? "Ferdy said that maybe this would be his last Red Bull X-Alps, but he said that after the first one too!"