Red Bull X-Alps

State of play

© Ludvik
 © Trautman
 © Ludvik
 © Trautman

After an amazing day yesterday that saw head-to-head racing and five pilots reach goal at Peille it’s time to pause and catch breathe.

Athletes are now on Day 11 of this adventure, and there are still 17 out there on the course. They have until noon local time on Friday 17 July to get to goal before the race stops.

Ferdy van Schelven (NED) and Gavin McClurg (USA2) are both on track to make it in today – probably in time for lunch.

But behind them, the gap widens. There are two groups to watch. Manuel Nubel (GER4) and Nick Neynens (NZL) both have 116km to go. Given good flying conditions they could make Peille late this afternoon or evening.

After that there is a big group of athletes spread out between 176km and 187km. De Freyman (FRA3), Rejmanek (USA1), Faron (POL), Von Bergen (SUI4), Mayer (CZE) and Gruber (AUT3) are all well past the Annecy Turnpoint and on their way south. It will be a matter of keeping on going for them, but they all have a good chance of making Peille – given good flights.

Slightly further back again the group of Rehnfeldt (SWE), Ha (KOR), Turner (USA4) and Witschi (SUI3) are in the 200-222km group. Again, they have a chance of making it to Peille.

Spread out right at the back is Nash (GBR), Westrum (USA3) and Gold (AUT2). Nash had a disappointing day yesterday but is safe from the final elimination that happens tomorrow at 6am.

Westrum had a good flight yesterday to overtake Gold – she will be very keen to hang on to her 23km margin and not face the axe. Gold meanwhile will need to pull out a good flight and probably activate his Led Lenser Night Pass to stay in the game.

Friday noon is still two and a half days away – a lot can happen between then and now.


Photo: Nelson de Freyman © Ludvik

Ferdy van Schelven and Gavin McClurg © zooom/at/Kelvin Trautman