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See Nick Neynens take a flight from a volcano in Bali

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 Bali paragliding from Mt Agung by sharemyjoys, 24-07-2016__06-05-15

The New Zealander arrived to a cloudy Bali, but woke up the following morning to perfect conditions. He made his way toward the Mount Agung volcano, hiking up the 3031m mountain at night and camping out.

He was greeted by another clear morning and was able to fly from the ridge knowing that from 10,000 feet he could glide a long way. 

“I was lucky with the weather, another fella went up a few days before and hiked all the way up to find the clouds were coming in heavy and had to walk down again with his kit,” he says.

He flew in the morning with perfect winds to pull the wing up and after launching he caught small thermals rising off the northern face, giving him height. He says: “The winds to the NE got quite strong, I reached a ground speed of 80kmph. It was also pretty windy when I came to land. I went through 3,000m of height, so you expect some variation in conditions. 

On landing Nick took a scenic walk back along a black sand beach towards a local village called Candidasa.

Bali is a good place to fly, providing the weather is good says Nick: “The flight was warm, I didn’t even need gloves, and when I was close to landing I was already very warm.

“It was a really nice experience and the Balinese people a really friendly. The flight was definitely worth hiking up Mt Agung with my equipment!”

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