Red Bull X-Alps

From hike to bike and fly - catching up with Chrigel

He’s the king of hike and fly but Chrigel Maurer recently tried a new variation of the sport – bike and fly. He tells us about that – and why his fans are the new focus of his race strategy.

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You think it could catch on as a sport? 

Not for me! I like to be either paragliding or be on the bike! Also, the take off and landing is not so easy!

But maybe it could be a new discipline for the Red Bull X-Alps? 

Hmm, to carry a bike as well would be heavy and the 1,000km distance would be too short if you go on the highway.

How is your fitness these days? Are you in good shape? 

After X-Pyr my training is more focused on short but fast. So I’ve been doing some running and duathlon competitions and the short speed hike & fly race like Red Bull Dolomitenmann. And yes, I’m very happy with my speed.

What were your summer highlights? 

The spring was not too easy with flying conditions, but the summer and autumn was perfect! The X-Pyr adventure was a big challenge but worked well. Also the cross country flights were nice, the longest was with my brother – a 284km FAI Triangle [record] but in the end it was 310km. 

How was Red Bull Dolomitenmann? 

This was also a highlight to set a new record on the Dolomitenmann paragliding track. I had a good day and all the parts like running, take offs and landings were just perfect. It’s a team challenge and we ended in fourth. One week after we competed with a Swiss Team in Talloires (Turnpoint 9 of the 2015 Red Bull X-Alps) at Red Bull Elements. There Aaron Durogati beat me but our team won!

What are your goals for 2017? 

The start of the Red Bull X-Alps is on my agenda. I plan to fly other comps in XC and hike & fly. Also there are some ski-touring and running comps I like to do, so I can be ready to cross the Alps in July.  

What are your goals and ambitions for the next edition of the race? 

With my new ‘Share Experience’ strategy I’m going to try and let my fans take part in my preparation and race days. Also the team is new but still the goal is to win the Red Bull X-Alps for a fifth time!

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