Red Bull X-Alps

Erik the Viking’s Himalayan hike and fly

Red Bull X-Alps athlete Erik Rehnfeldt is doing a vol bivouac adventure in the Himalayas. It will be seven days of hiking, camping and flying at the roof of the world.

© zooom/Vitek Ludvik

Four-time Swedish paragliding champion Erik Rehnfeldt and friend Bertrand Chol are soon to launch off from north India on a hike and fly journey across the mountains to the border with Nepal.

“The goal is to reach the Nepalese border, which is around 450km in a straight line and a reasonable distance to cover in about a week of vol bivouac flying,” Rehnfeldt says.

In a couple of days time they are starting in Dharamsala and after the first takeoff they won’t be spending any further time in cities. 

“We will be in the mountains trying to stay at a high altitude at all times to avoid long, steep climbs to get to take off points,” Rehnfeldt says. “At the moment there are good flying conditions there and people are getting up to 5000m.”

Both pilots will be carrying tracking devices so anyone interested can follow their journey here

They chose to begin their Himalayan adventure in India because if they continue the adventure there sometime in the future, Rehnfeldt says it makes sense to start in the west. Next time they would cross Nepal. They also have only 15 days and getting to and from the mountains in India is easier, Rehnfeldt says.

The 49-year-old Swede competed in the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 and succeeded in reaching Monaco in 11 days and 21 hours. Frenchman Bertrand Chol is a former competition pilot, but like Rehnfeldt, he prefers hike and fly adventures now. Last year, the pair did a 'vol biv' from Rehnfeldt’s house in Annecy to Cannes beach on the French Riviera. You can read about it here.

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