Red Bull X-Alps

8 Reasons To Take an Alpine Flight

The Alps provide the spectacular backdrop to the Red Bull X-Alps. Here’s why every adventurer should pack their backpack or wing for an alpine trip.


© zooom / Felix Wölk

The wildlife 

You have a surprising friend to thank for those lush green meadows that are perfect to land. As the adventurer and former Red Bull X-Alps athlete Will Gadd once put it to us: “The Alps have been mowed by cows for centuries.” But not everything in the Alps has been domesticated – over the last few decades wolves have re-emerged and have been known to surprise campers…

Limitless exploration

It’s easy to think of the Alps as a single chain of mountains. Wrong – they are a myriad of multiple chains. From the Silvretta to the Stubaital; from the Kaisergebirge to Karawankan – and that’s just Austria. Beyond, there’s Bavaria, the Julian Alps, the Dolomites, the Brenva, the Bernese, the Pennine, the Valais, the Jura Alps… Oh, and we haven’t even come to France yet and the multitude of peaks that stretch along the Maritime Alps to the coast. The Alps offer a lifetime of exploration. 

The food

With each mountain region boasting its own culinary specialities – and cheese, the alps are a delight for foodies. From spicy Savoie sausages to hay-smoked lamb there are restaurants where you can eat your own body weight in Raclette. Did we mention Swiss chocolate? Italian coffee?  

Vol biv adventures

The Alps are the perfect place to go on your first vol biv trip adventure. “They have a great mix of wilderness and infrastructure,” says Che Golus. Check out our vol biv series here.

The views

Did we mention the views? Well, it’s hard to know where to begin here, it’s like being asked to choose between Baroque magnificence over Gothic grandeur, soaring rock towers over vast glimmering glaciers. What is more stunning, the Unesco World Heritage region that is the Dolomites or the jagged granite spires that are the jewels to Mt Blanc’s crown? To see the latter, take the Aiguille du Midi cable car for one of the highest – and most dramatic – launches anywhere. 

Trans-Alp crossings

Nothing is as satisfactory as crossing the Alps from one side to the other, whether east to west, north to south – or even just a weekend hike across a couple of valley systems. You’ll find our list of 10 amazing ways to cross the Alps here. 

The best 3D experience 

There’s one thing that all pilots will tell you – the view from the air is like nothing else. It offers a truly 3D perspective that you simply cannot get from other sports or when you’re on the ground. When your feet are dangling over an alpine glacier, the experience is ‘next level’. 

The Alps offer adventure for all 

The best thing about the Alps is that they offer something for everyone. So whether you’re a super experienced vol-biv adventurer or an average flyer looking for some lift-accessed cross-country, you’ll find an adventure to hit the spot. 

So there you have it, 8 reasons to take an Alpine flight. Missed something? Let us know!